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Scratch Competition about Cultural Diversity


🌐👧👦 Beyond Scratch Competition 2023

Participate in the thrilling Beyond Scratch competition for a chance to win fantastic prizes worth 20,000 THB, including Minecraft Lego sets and Coding Class Credits!

Our theme this year, "Cultural Diversity," urges participants to explore the vibrant colors of the world's cultural tapestry. Dive into the beautiful complexities of your local community, uncover the hidden chapters of your local history, or shine a light on your favorite community events. Here's your chance to discover, highlight, and celebrate the power of unity in diversity.

Whether you've been coding for years or are just getting started, we invite you to bring your perspective, your curiosity, and your creativity to our competition. This is your platform to let the world see through your unique lens. So come, code, and connect!

Let's come together, celebrate diversity, and remind the world that no matter where we come from, we are all part of one global community.

Are you ready to Scratch your way to cultural exploration? Get set to dive into the world of coding for a cause. Let the coding begin! 🚀🌈🌍



Congratuations Finalist!

Your dedication, creativity, and skill in game development have truly impressed us and we can't wait for the world to see what you've created.

We would like to invite you to our Demo Day where you will showcase your Scratch Project and compete for the top spot:

Details of the Demo Day:

Date: 20th August 2023
Time: 3:30 pm
Location: Beyond Code Academy, Thonglor

We also welcome any participants. Come and be inspired as our finalists showcase their exceptional Scratch Project, each vying for the top spot.


1st Prize

  • LEGO® Minecraft Set

  • 10,000 THB Beyond Code Credit 

2nd Prize

  • LEGO® Minecraft Set

  • 5,000 THB Beyond Code Credit

3rd Prize

  • LEGO® Minecraft Set

  • 2,000 THB Beyond Code Credit

Special Award

Sparkle of Influence

  • 1,000 THB Beyond Code Credit

Extreme Coder

  • 1,000 THB Beyond Code Credit

Best Design

  • 1,000 THB Beyond Code Credit

*certificate of participation will be provided for all qualifying submissions.

Competition Details

How to participate?

  • Develop a Scratch project based on "Cultural Diversity" theme

    •  Participants focuses on the variety of cultures, traditions, languages, and experiences that exist both within their local communities and around the world.

    • Some possible projects can be

      • ​Creating interactive stories or games that teach about different cultures, traditions, or languages.

      • Developing animations that show different cultural festivals, dances, or customs.

      • Designing simulations that explore culturally significant landmarks, historical events, or figures.

      • Building projects that encourage dialogue and empathy between different cultures.

    • Examples of the project

  • Submit your project along with a  five minutes Video explaining how your project works and walk thorugh your coding

  • Participants are requerted to complete instructions, notes, and credit provided within the project. Below is the example:


Scratch Competition Explaination

Who can participate?

  • Any students from age 7 to 9

  • We welcome participants from around the world!

  • Basic Block-based Coding Knowledge (Don't worry if you have no coding experience. You can join our signature Scratch Course click here for more detail)


To submit the project, use the Share Scratch button to create a project link, Then, record a video clip of no more than five minutes, introducing yourself, explaining the concept of the project, its usefulness, which group of users it is suitable for, and how to use it. You must include the title page  in the begining of the Scratch project. The tile page can be downloaded here or visit

Upload the video clip(.MP4) and fill in the form, ensuring that all links are publicly available. Participants' videos must be in the official language of Thai or English.

You can access the form here

Important Dates

  • 31 July 2023 11:59 PM GMT+7 Submission Deadline

  • 13 August 2023 9:00 AM GMT+7 Announcement for finalists

  • 20 August 2022 1:00 PM GMT+7 Demo Day @ Beyond Code Academy | Thonglor (This will be hybrid event (online and in-person) Although we would love to see all finalists in-person, you can also participate online)

Registration Fee:

FREE for everyone!

Judging Criteria :

The judging criteria for the Beyond Scratch Competition will assess the participating students based on the following aspects:

Creativity (25%)

Does the project exhibit originality and demonstrate unique and creative ideas? Were the sprites and background design original, or were they downloaded from a website?

Coding and Technical Skill  (25%)

How proficiently does the student use Scratch? Were the programming concepts used appropriately? Is the code clean and organized?

Usability (20%)

Is the project user-friendly and easy to navigate? Is it clear how to interact with the project and achieve its goals? 

Impact and Relevance to Theme (20%)

 This criterion assesses the potential impact of the project on culture and its relevance to the theme of Cultural Diversity. Judges will evaluate how well the project reflects the theme's significance and how it contributes to community building.

Presentation (10%)

 How effective is the video presentation of the project? Does the student clearly and effectively explain the concept of the project and its usefulness? 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Scratch Competition?

The Scratch Competition is a global coding event aimed at promoting understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity among children. It allows students to express their understanding of various cultures and communities through Scratch projects.

How does the competition promote cultural diversity?

The competition promotes cultural diversity by encouraging participants to create Scratch projects that highlight different cultures, customs, traditions, or historical events. The aim is to facilitate cross-cultural learning and enhance the sense of global citizenship among young learners.

If my child is 9 years old but has not reached 10, can my child join the competition?

If a student is 9 years old but has not yet reached their 10th birthday, they can still join the competition.

What is the competition format?

​The competition follows a solo submission format. Round 1 requires participants to develop their project in Scratch in accordance with the theme and submit their work and a video clip of no more than 3 minutes. Round 2/Final is for the top five projects selected by a panel of judges, and it will be held at Beyond Code Academy Thonglor Campus. Details about the final round will be released closer to the date.

Who can participate in the Scratch Competition?

The competition is open worldwide to students aged 7 to 9. Each participant may submit only one project.

What is a Demo Day?

We will invite finalists to come to Beyond Code Academy | Thonglor. 

If I have any questions, where can I contact?

You can contact us at Line Official Account (@beyondcode) or 

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