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Dive into fun coding: Spark creativity, solve problems, and get future-ready!

Our curriculum is designed by Software Engineers who are alumni of top global universities

Explore our diverse course selection, from Scratch to Python, Data Science, and Roblox Game Development. We offer a variety of programs to match every child's interests and spark their passion for learning.

Available both Online and Onsite

Embark on a coding journey that transcends mere app and website creation. Our coding curriculum empowers children to embrace trial and error, tackle complex challenges with creativity, venture into the unknown, and enhance their emotional intelligence, preparing them for a future where they can lead with confidence and innovation

Our Online Courses

Creative Coding  Adventure Chapter 1 (7 + years)

Embark on a journey into Computational Thinking with our Block-based curriculum, designed for young minds to master coding through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. As they advance, watch your child bring their imagination to life, creating games and animations, and sharing their digital stories with friends, all while having fun learning to code

Code & Change  the World with  Python, Chapter 1 (9+ years)

Embark on a Python programming adventure, the same language powering tech giants like Google, Meta, and Apple. This course offers a glimpse into the developer's world, equipping your child with versatile skills for web and app development, and paving the way for future careers in high-demand fields like Data Science.

Dive into the developer's world with our personalized learning approach. Engage in exciting projects tailored to your interests, from game creation and animation storytelling to Minecraft mod and plugin development.

Online Private Coding Program

Our Onsite Courses

Begin your children's journey in technology and coding, enhancing creativity and communication skills along the way.

Elevate your child's potential with Creative Thinking through Scratch programming. Unleash their imagination and harness logical reasoning to set them apart in the digital era.

Establish a robust coding foundation with our courses, setting the stage for a future in development. Dive deep into the essentials of syntax-based programming with languages like Python and Javascript, and embark on a journey to become Slilicon-Valley Engineers.

Build a solid foundation for a future in cutting-edge fields like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Game Development, Web Development, and Mobile App Development, setting the stage for a successful career in technology.

CREATOR (Ages 12+)


(AGES 10-12)

TINKER (Ages 7-9)

JUNIOR (Ages 4-6)

Our Coding Playground


Discover our 'Coding playground,' a space crafted to spark creativity and curiosity. Our purpose-built environment encourages children to explore and acquire future-ready skills, preparing them for a dynamic world. Every corner is intentionally designed to stimulate the imagination.

Why choose Beyond Code Academy

Dive into our project-based coding curriculum, where young learners master programming fundamentals and beyond. They'll cultivate critical 21st-century skills such as innovative thinking, problem-solving, continuous curiosity, and adaptability, preparing them to be the leaders of the modern world.


Future Ready Curriculum

  • Based on American education standards (CSTA K-12 CS Standards)

  • Developed by a team of educators and engineers graduated from top 10 global universities

  • Instilled the Silicon Valley mindset 

  • Unlock more than just coding skills: your child will cultivate computational thinking, resilience, and a boundless curiosity, setting the stage for a lifetime of learning and innovation

  • Foster a love and enthusiasm for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), shaping a bright, innovative future for your child

Our expert educators are well-versed in child psychology, ensuring a deep, empathetic connection that nurtures each student's unique potential

  • All instructors are trained with Psychology and Child Development course by Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and National Institute of Education (NIE) Singapore

  • We prioritize excellence in our teacher selection process. Only the top 2% of candidates succeed through our rigorous three-round vetting procedure

  • Our dedicated teachers continuously enhance their skills and stay abreast of the latest educational technologies and curricula, ensuring they deliver the finest and most up-to-date learning experience.


We prioritize fostering a dynamic partnership between parents and teachers, ensuring a collaborative approach to shaping the future of our students.

Experience our Demo Day, the grand finale of our class, mirroring Silicon Valley's tech industry tradition. On this day, we invite parents to witness their children's project presentations, showcasing their learning and achievements.​

Empower parents to co-create the educational journey! Before classes even start, parents collaborate with us to set ambitious learning goals and design the teaching plans, ensuring a tailored and impactful educational experience.

Our Inspirational Coding Playground

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