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Roblox Game Developer Online Class(10+ years)


​Unleash your child's inner game developer with this coding course! We leverage their love of Roblox to spark a passion for coding that will equip them with future-proof skills. It's more than just writing code - our program teaches the fundamentals of Lua while guiding them through the creative world of game design. They'll build fun Roblox games they love, all while learning valuable problem-solving and critical thinking skills that extend far beyond the digital world.

What will your kids learn?

  • Master programming basics: algorithms, data structures, functions, and more.

  • Solve problems like a pro using pseudocode.

  • Learn Lua, a powerful and fun coding language.

  • Develop logic and systematic reasoning through testing and debugging.

  • Build your own games using Roblox Studio.

Peaks into our class

Life Skills that Children Will Develop

Computational thinking

Cultivating Essential Analytical Thinking Mindsets and Thought Processes

Regardless of your child's future career aspirations, whether they want to be a scientist, programmer, doctor, lawyer, accountant, or even run a business, developing their mindsets and thought processes in computational thinking will be an invaluable asset. This skill will empower them to overcome obstacles and thrive in their personal and professional lives.


Perseverance and passion will take your child further than anything else.
That's why our teachers focus on inspiring and encouraging children to experiment and learn by doing through a variety of activities. Our curriculum is not just about learning to code, but also about helping children recognize and understand their talents and the importance of hard work (grit).


Our program focuses on raising future leaders who can adapt to any change. We spark curiosity and a love for learning, encouraging questions and pushing boundaries. Our supportive classrooms empower children to innovate and explore, fostering a growth mindset that embraces challenges and prepares them for anything the unknown future holds.

Our Teaching Approach

We belive that the best way for children to learn is to create a fun and realistic learning environment that goes beyond rote memorization. We empower children to become adaptable and curious problem-solvers, unafraid to take calculated risks and learn from mistakes. This approach builds the foundation for a happy and successful future in our ever-changing world!

Course Description

Lesson Duration                        1 hour 30 minutes

Number of Session                   12 sessions

Language Streams                  English & Thai

Class Ratio                                   1:1 (Online & Private) & 1:4 (Group)

Availability                                    At home (Online) & Beyond Code Academy Campus 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my child be able to keep up with the others if they have never learned coding before?

All activities in this class are designed for students who have never learned coding before. Therefore, parents can be assured that their children will enjoy every class and will definitely be able to keep up with their peers.

Can children under 10 years old take the class?

We recommend the Tinker level class for children under 10 years old. If your child has some coding experience, you can consult with the teacher to develop a learning plan that is appropriate for them. In our experience, having children under 10 years old in the same class as 12-year-olds can make the learning experience less effective.

Do I need to prepare any materials for the class?

We provide all the materials for the class including MacBook. Parents do not need to prepare anything. You may want to bring a jacket, milk, or snacks for your child in case they get hungry.

Can my child try out the class before enrolling?

We encourage all children to try out the class. Parents can also talk to the teacher before the class to develop a learning plan that is appropriate for their child.

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