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Beyond Roblox Game Development Competition 2024

  • Begin the journey of technology education to stimulate children's creative potential

  • Enhances the development of children's language skills

  • Tailored for 4-6 years old


1st Prize

  • 5,000 Robux

  • Gaming Gears(Mouse + Keyboard)

  • 10,000 THB Beyond Code Credit 

2nd Prize

  • 3,000 Robux

  • Gaming Gears (Mouse)

  • 5,000 THB Beyond Code Credit

3rd Prize

  • 3,000 Robux

  • 2,000 THB Beyond Code Credit

Special Award

Best Story

  • 2,000 Robux

  • 1,000 THB Beyond Code Credit

Extreme Coder

  • 2,000 Robux

  • 1,000 THB Beyond Code Credit

Best Design

  • 2,000 Robux

  • 1,000 THB Beyond Code Credit

*certificate of participation will be provided for all qualifying submissions.

What will your kids learn?

Who can participate?

  • Any students from age 9 to 13

  • We welcome participants from around the world!

  • Basic Roblox Game Development Knowledge (Don't worry if you have no coding experience. You can join our signature Roblox Game Development Bootcamp click here for more detail)

How to participate?

1.Register for the competition by visiting

2.Develop Roblox Game under Campaign Mode Game using Roblox Studio

3.Submit your project on The Learning Space

Submission Requirement

1.Roblox File (.rbxl)

2. 5-minutes Video explaining how your game works and walk thorugh your coding

3.Game Design Document  (Download the template file here)

Student-Centered Competition

To ensure a level playing field and maintain the integrity of the competition, all entries must be the original work of the student participants.  Participants are encouraged to seek guidance from mentors, teachers, or experienced developers, but the final product should reflect the students' own creativity, problem-solving skills, and coding proficiency.

Important Dates

  • 23 August 2024 11:59 PM GMT+7 Submission Deadline

  • 30 August 2024 9:00 AM GMT+7 Announcement for finalists

  • 8 September 2024 1:00 PM GMT+7 Demo Day @ Beyond Code Academy | Thonglor (This will be hybrid event (online and in-person) Although we would love to see all finalists in-person, you can also participate online)

Registration Fees:

500 THB for Beyond Code Academy Students

750 THB for Non-Beyond Code Academy Students

Judging Criteria :

The judging criteria for the Roblox Game Development Competition will assess the participating students based on the following aspects:

Creativity (25%)

The degree of originality and innovative thinking demonstrated in the game's art, including the design of maps, 3D models, illustrations, characters, props, colors, and textures.

Design (25%)

Evaluation of the game's visual appeal through factors such as an attractive lighting system, immersive atmosphere, well-chosen sound effects, and background music that enhance the overall player experience.

Game Play  (15%)

The ability of the game to deliver balanced game physics and engaging game mechanics that captivate players, encouraging repeated gameplay over an extended period

Technical Skill & Coding (25%)

Evaluating the student's understanding and proficiency in game development through coding, including the ability to connect game mechanics with coding, implement creative scripts, and demonstrate a solid grasp of the engineering aspects of game development.

Presentation (10%)

Assessing the student's presentation skills, including their capability to clearly communicate the game's objectives, theme, provide a walkthrough, and effectively demonstrate the gameplay mechanics to the judges.

What will your kids learn?


  • Begin the journey of technology education to stimulate children's creative potential

  • Enhances the development of children's language skills

  • Tailored for 4-6 years old

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