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Songkran Coding Workshop 2024 💦

6 - 20 April | Thonglor | Samyan | Online

Are you looking for a fun and educational activity for your child this Songkran? Our coding workshop has everything you need!

Designed specifically for children aged 7-12+ years, this workshop will introduce your child to the exciting world of coding through three popular platforms: OctoStudio, Scratch, Roblox, and 3D Design.

With Scratch, your child will learn the basics of coding by creating their own games, animations, and interactive stories. They will also get the chance to design their own Roblox games, complete with unique characters, obstacles, and objectives.

And that's not all! In the 3D Design section of the workshop, your child will be able to unleash their creativity by designing and creating their own 3D models using a powerful software. They will get to explore the world of 3D printing and bring their designs to life!

Our experienced instructors will guide your child through every step of the way, making sure they have fun while learning important skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, and collaboration.

So why not give your child the gift of learning this Songkran? Sign them up for our coding workshop today and watch them unlock their full potential!


Duration 1 Hour

Date between 6 - 21 April (Please check the latest availability when you booked via our online registration)

Fees 550 Baht for current Beyond Code Academy

750 Baht for non Beyond Code Academy Students

SplashCode: Songkran Adventures in Octostudio (Age 7-9)

From the creators of the renowned Scratch at MIT Media Lab, Octostudio introduces your child to the world of coding! Through a block-based interface, children can easily learn the basics of programming. This Songkran, let them dive into coding by building their own festive-themed projects. It's not just about learning; it's about creating and having fun!

Songkran Water Battle: Code Your Way to Victory Scratch Workshop (Age 7-9)

Get ready for a fun and interactive Songkran-themed coding workshop! In this workshop, students will learn how to use Scratch to build a game where they get to engage in a water battle with enemies. Students will learn how to create a game environment where they can shoot water balls at their enemies to wash away their sins and bad luck. In this workshop, students will learn the fundamentals of coding with Scratch, such as building characters, coding their movements, and creating random enemy spawning. Students will also learn how to add sound effects and animations to their game to make it more engaging. By the end of the workshop, students will have created their own Songkran water battle game and gained valuable coding skills that they can use to create other games and projects in the future. So come join us for some fun and learning, and code your way to victory in the Songkran Water Battle!

Let's the Battle begin this Songkran Roblox Workshop (Age 9+)

Roblox Course for kids

This songkran festival , let's hop into Roblox and create your very own water gun to splash water on zombies & other players .Students will be introduced to roblox studio , basics of roblox ( such as move , scale , rotate , camera movements) , sculpting gun & Coding the gun with Lua to bring their own flavor to it & scope of game develoment with roblox

Let's design your watergun 3D Design Workshop (Age 9+)

3D Blender project by kids

3D Blender project by kids

Introducing our 3D Design workshop, which will teach your child the exciting world of 3D modeling using Blender.With Blender, your child will be able to bring their imagination to life by designing and creating their own 3D models. From simple objects to complex characters and environments, the possibilities are endless. Our experienced instructors will guide your child through every step of the way, ensuring they learn important skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and collaboration.


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