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Cloud Developer


  • Develop and deploy cloud-based applications

  • Learn about Google's Site Reliability Engineering practice

  • Agile Development 

  • Tailored for 12+ years old

เด็กเรียนเกี่ยวกับ Cloud

What will your kids learn?

Computer Science Knowledge

  • Cloud Infrastructure Operate

  • Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC)

  • Continuous Delivery

  • Ensuring Quality Releases

  • Cultivate self-confidence and creative confidence

  • Develop curiosity

Emotional Development



  • Logical thinking

  • Attention to detail

  • Resilience

  • Divergent problem

What will your kids learn?

Computational thinking

Develops children's imagination and creativity through game interaction and storytelling, and enhances the development of children's language skills.


Children gain understanding of foundational computer science concepts and grasp cognitive ability of programming. 


Equips students to create projects with block-based programming tools, and then introduce syntax based programming languages like Python and Javascript.

Course Detail

Lesson Duration                        2 hours

Number of Session                   12 sessions

Language Streams                  English & Thai

Class Ratio                                   1:1 (Online & Private) & 1:5 (Group)

Availability                                    At home (Online) & Beyond Code Academy Campus 

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