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Hour of Code at Beyond Code Academy

40+ Session | 5-11 Dec | Thai & English | Online | Samyan | Thonglor | Free Workshop

hour of code

We invite your kids to join more than 100 millions of students around the world participating in the Hour of Code, a global movement to inspire K-12 Students to learn computer science. Each year in December K-12 Students try coding for the first time and learn the skill needed to be future-ready. Leaders like President Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wrote their first lines of code during Hour of Code event.

This year, Beyond Code Academy is one of the official host of in Bangkok. We are hosting more 40 sessions for K-12 students. Students will have a chance to create their own apps or games, learn about Artificial Intelligence and know the basics of robotics. We will also print Hour of Code certificates they can bring home. And it’s fun! With interactive, hands-on activities, students will learn computational thinking skills in an approachable way.

Activities Detail

*Due to limited seats available, please check the latest time and location for each workshop by visiting our registration form (

How does Computational Thinking help your child to be future-ready?

by Weena Naowaprateep
Computational Thinking Researcher at Mahidol University
Learning Designer Advisor @ Beyond Code Academy

5 December | 9.00 - 10.15 | Beyond Code Academy Thonglor Campus
5 December | 13.00 - 13.45 | Beyond Code Academy Thonglor Campus

*This session will be conducted in Thai

Activities from 5 - 11 December

4-6 years old

1.Tinly Travellers: Adventures with Little Car

Preschoolers will embark on an adventure in coding and robotics. We will be using non-screen programing to teach the basics of coding. Students will have a chance to experience the award winning Time Innovation of the Year robots that are specially designed for preschoolers.

2.Introduction to Preschool Robotics

Preschoolers will start coding screen-free with Color Codes. They will have a chance to show their creative problem solving skills and learn the basic coding concepts like cause/effect, critical thinking, and debugging.

3.Create with Code

Kids unleash their imagination by using their newly discovered superpower “Coding.” They will be introduced to a block-based coding platform and apply programming concepts like conditionals and sequencing and create their own story.

7-9 years old

1.Let’s Build a Game

Kids will learn the basics of building a 2D games using block-based coding. They will have a chance to synergizing their creativity and coding superpowers to create their own games and share with their peers.

2.Minecraft Escape Estate

While enjoying their favorite Minecraft Game, in this activity kids will learn the basics of coding and create the coolest worlds in Minecraft Education.

3.Let's build a mobile application

Kids will learn how to prototype their idea and use a cutting-edge block-based mobile application development tool to turn their idea into reality.

10+ years old

1.Introduction to Web Technology

Have you wondered how Grab works? Have you ever wondered how Youtube shows video on your screen? In this activity, kids will learn the basics of web development and build their own portfolio website.

2.Roblox Coding with Lua

Kids will have a chance to earn Robux by building a Roblox game and discover their coding superpower. They will be introduced to Lua, a coding language used for game development.

3.Let’s Hack your House with C++

Kids will learn to develop a Smart Home system using Arduino, a powerful prototyping tool in the age of IOT. They will also write the first line of C++ code.

4.Model your Metaverse with Blender

Get creative, for the sky is the limit! In this activity, kids will learn how to create a 3D model using Blender, a popular 3D modelling software. They can use their crafted model and put in their Roblox Game or Metaverse.


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