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Beyond the Horizon: The Triumph of Beyond Roblox Game Development & Scratch Competition 2023

In a world where creativity knows no bounds, the Beyond Roblox Game Development & Scratch Competition 2023 has manifested as a celebration of young minds, gushing with innovation and an unyielding passion for game design and coding.

This year, the event garnered participation from more than 100 enthusiastic young developers. The essence of this competition rests on the pillars of grit and curiosity, which were vividly displayed by each participant. Their tenacity to learn, explore, and create has not only enriched their individual experiences but has also added a vibrant hue to the global community of budding game developers.

The euphoria of success resonated through the virtual halls of the competition as these young developers showcased their projects. It was a celebration of what the curious mind can achieve when fueled by determination and a conducive platform.

The Flourishing of Young Minds:

The Beyond Roblox Game Development & Scratch Competition is a testament to what young minds can achieve when driven by curiosity and grit. Each participant, regardless of experience, brought a unique flavor to the competition, showcasing their incredible capacity for game development and storytelling through coding.

Beyond Roblox Game Development Competition:

The Roblox platform, renowned for its user-generated 3D experiences, became a canvas for young developers. This segment of the competition saw a brilliant display of creativity through various games developed by the participants.

Top 3 Winnners Spotlight

1st Place

Rush Rush by Punnakiat

2nd Place

Operative by Tanwa

3rd Place

Vote and Play by Pam

Beyond Scratch Competition:

The Scratch platform, known for aiding the development of critical thinking and collaborative working skills, was the other focal point of the competition. With “Cultural Diversity” as the theme, participants were encouraged to delve into the myriad colors of the world's cultural tapestry

Top 3 Winnners Spotlight

1st Place

Cultural Diversity by Avarin Arunratsamee

2nd Place

Loy Krathong Maze! by ด.ช. กันต์ธีร์ ศรีกรีพุทธนะ

3rd Place

Cultural Diversity (a game) by Gabriella Ichinotsubo


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