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SEAMO Math Olympiad Bootcamp by Terry Chew Academy

18 - 24 Sept 2023 | 18.00 - 20.00 (Bangkok Time) | Online via Zoom | Paper B and Paper C

SEAMO Math Olympiad Competition

  • Confidence booster for students taking upcoming SEAMO (paper B and C) and other Math Olympiads e.g Kangaroo Math Competition, ISMC

  • Mastering key techniques, enhancing your critical thinking skills, to asertain your success in Math Olympiad

About Terry Chew Academy
  • Found by Mr Terry Chew

  • Author of the celebrated Math Olympiad book series – UNLEASH THE MATHS OLYMPIAN IN YOU!

  • Chief Examiner of the global competition – Southeast Asian Mathematical Olympiad (SEAMO)

  • Visit Terry Chew Academy website to learn more about Terry Chew Academy

Lessons aim to:
  • Develop critical thinking and Math problem-solving skills, equipping students with effective tactics and tools

  • Teach essential concepts, strategies, and competition techniques

  • Create opportunities to push students to compete successfully in prestigious local and international Math Olympiads - for enrichment purposes or build up their Math portfolio for future academic applications

Trending Topics in Math Olympiads that we will cover:
  • Algebra

  • Arithmetic

  • Combinatorics

  • Geometry

  • Logic

  • Patterns & puzzles

  • Word problems

Wondering if it is necessary to start preparing for the rigorous challenge of Math Olympiads?

The Math Olympiad syllabus and question format differ from that of a regular school. Mastering regular questions in primary and secondary math may not be enough to prepare for Math Olympiads.

The competition is intended to be challenging, so it is important not to get discouraged if a question proves too daunting. Be strong and try again in other competitions! Perseverance is the key to success!



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